Site Visit

Sometimes Google Streetmap can't give you all the information you need about a customers site.

If you have a job that you'd like to have the benefit of Keith's advice and 37 years of experience, then why not get Keith to go and do a site visit for you?

Keith will do a site visit for any type of signage.


Whether it's a fascia, totem sign, signs that require groundworks, internal or external signs, vehicle graphics, window graphics, vinyl wallpaper, traditional signwriting, exhibition graphics, various different signs - you name it, he'll do a site visit for you!

Keith will travel to any site and provide you as a minimum within 24 hours of his visit:

  1. Photographs of the site from several angles

  2. Measurements

  3. Site floor / sign plan

  4. Details of any fitting issues that you may have on site that affects the type of sign e.g. pipes, electrics, accessibility of the site and fitting area, parking issues on site etc.

  5. Recommendations on types of signs and fitting tools or equipment (if required)

  6. Anything else you want or need him

Price Guide
Shop Window Graphics
Price Option 1: Small Job Charge
£80 + additional mileage + parking + congestion + VAT
25 miles included
Internal and External Signage
Price Option 2: Half Day
£140 + additional mileage + parking + congestion + VAT
50 miles included
Multiple Sites
Price Option 3: Full Day/s
£240 + additional mileage + parking + congestion + VAT
100 miles included
Keith has.......
  1. City & Guild in Signwork
  2. IPAF licence
  3. PASMA licence
  4. A scaffold tower with a maximum working height of 4.8 metres
  5. A Ford Custom van
  6. Public Liability Insurance to a value of £2m
Request a Quote
If you would like a quote for Keith to fit a job, simply send:
  • a copy of the artwork
  • photos of the site
  • the postcode of the fitting site 
  • whether there's FREE parking on site
  • whether the graphics are to be sent to site or whether you want Keith to collect from you first
Or call Lois on:
01295 275040

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